Recruit with the Stripteaseagency 

Recruiting the right girls for your club is a work that takes a lot of time that could be spent on other things. 

Let me take some work off your shoulders and recruit via The Stripteaseagency, we are always looking for new and good clubs to ad to the Stripteaseagency stables. 

Good clean working conditions is very important for this agency. I rather represent a few really good clubs so that I always send my girls to quality clubs with a good reputation and the girls keeps on returning and bringing their friends with them.

Happy girls and great working conditions will lead to that your guests are having an even better time so they will keep on returning to your club. 

I also work with Burlesque stripper and pole artists so if you are looking for girls that can do both and put on some amazing shows in your club, then don’t hesitate to contact me. 

information for clubs

Hi Miss or Mr club manager / owner, nice that you are checking out my agency. As you probably already read,, I’m a traveling stripper myself with almost a decade in the industry. That means that I have a lot of experience, there’s little I haven’t seen and I’m in touch with the dancers, the clubs and the industry. 


I decided to start my agency the night I arrived to work at a Champagne club even tho I had told my agent that I didn’t want to work in a consumption based club. Those two weeks I drank more Champagne than I had done in my whole life. All that Champagne wasn’t for nothing, it formed my Agency and now my concept is too give the girls all the information they need to choose the club that’s right for them. Everything to make a great match between the club and the girl.

the match making

It starts with me collecting all information about how your club works, how the girls earn money, commissions, prices, accommodation, rules and all that. Then you will be added to my `stable` and soon the first match will be made. I work personally and close with the girls, they answer questions about how they like to work, do they drink? are they okay to work in touch-clubs? no touch-clubs? and so on. Because it’s not good for anyone if I send sober girls that do not like touch to a Champagne club with touch dances or vice-versa. That’s just a bad combination that can easily be avoided with proper and personal recruitment.

the vetting

The Stripteaseagency is mainly an instagram agency and that means that I can easily vet the girls through the lens of social media, to check that their photos are authentic and up to date. I also check that the girls have a sufficient level of English and previous experience as a dancer. Everything will be presented to you in one message, preferably on WhatsApp. After the artist has been approved by the club I speak with her and she confirms her booking with a ticket. When she is confirmed I will put her in contact with you so you only speak with the girls that are confirmed and ready to go. Let’s make this easy for everyone!

Do you want to work with me?

Let’s discuss this further, preferably via WhatsApp as it is my main communication channel, 0046 72 194 7644 or via email

Open chat

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