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Guam is truly a magical paradise island, with tropical nature, a military base and loads of Asian tourists. The Island is a true culture mix and because of the overpopulation of military men the island has many strip club and a very chilled attitude towards the clubs and the strippers. 

I worked at this club and this is probably the most busy club on the island, the stage shows where wild and girls invented many different ways to make the audience tip properly. 

This is a stage club and a “buy me a drink club”, so you will do a lot of your money on the stage and by spending time drinking drinks and entertaining clients. The mamasans are helping you with selling both drinks and dances, with focus on pushing drinks so you need to push your dances. Girls liking a busy and fun environment, talking and partying with military boys.  

Salary: 500$ Fix Salary per week, 6 shifts

For every 1000$ you made in drinks and dances you get 100$ bonus

Commission: 50% On dances and drinks 

Dance Price: 10 min cost 100$ / 30 min cost 300$ and so on 

Drink Price: Small drink 20$ / Medium drink 50$ / Large drink 100$ / Beer 50$

Tip: You keep 100%

Tip Out: 10-30 $

Working Hours: 19:00 – 02:00

Working nights per week: 5, weekends are mandatory 

Minimum booking:  1 month 

Stage shows: The stage shows are fun and wild in this club. You dance 3 songs on weekdays and 2 songs on weekends, from dressed until nude. There is bouncers checking the stage while you are dancing making sure that you are okay. 

Dress code: Sexy stripper wear and stripper heels

The club has two accommodation, one large apartment with double rooms over the club in central Tulmon. The other is a flat about a 5 min drive from the club, with two double rooms, at the apartment complex there’s a gym and just outside a little Korean store. 

The flats are equipped with: wifi, kitchen, basic supply of cooking stuff, living room, AC. 


Februari – Marsh – yearly military exercise 

September – bi annually military exercise, the next one is in 2020, 2022

November, December, January is often good according to the girls 

The club reimburses your ticket one way after 48 working nights and return after 72 working nights. 


In this agency all the communication is done via WhatsApp and Instagram. You can ask questions on WhatsApp but all stripper job applications must be sent via WhatsApp. If you don’t have the app, then you need to download it. The club hiring dancers are also using WhatsApp.

In your stripper application you need to send me following information in one message:




Your photos are the most important part of your application. The clubs are looking at your experience and language skills but they are mostly looking at you. So make sure your photos present the best you.

Your photos must represent your current look. Also your photos can not have any filters or be edited.

The best photos to send are in your stripper outfit, so the club can see how you look at work. You can also send photos in bikinis or lingerie. Professional photos are nice to add, but not necessary, as they often are edited you also need to send regular photos.

The club must be able to see all of your body both tummy and booty.

Send a few selfies, nice ones with good makeup, looking fresh and clean. Selfies where you are looking happy and smiling always do much better than grumpy photos. The strip club hiring is looking for adult entertainers, so try to choose photos that are showing the club the entertainer in you.

Photos taken when you are having fun, being on holiday often reflect that kind of vibe.

If you have pole dance videos or dance videos of yourself then add that to your application, clubs love to book good dancers for their strip club jobs.

All photos and videos should be sent straight via WhatsApp. No links or downloading should be added.



Money wise it wasn’t quite what I expected, but I also think that I went there during the wrong time of the year, (June, July and August) which I feel is the worldwide slow period in the strip industry…


How was your overall experience of dancing in Guam:

Money wise it wasn’t quite what I expected, but I also think that I went there during the wrong time of the year, (June, July and August) which I feel is the worldwide slow period in the strip industry. I’m still happy with the result but it could have been better. The girls and the staff were really sweet and I immediately felt very welcome! And since the working hours are 7pm – 2am we do have a lot of time to beach and explore during the day which is awesome. It’s a very beautiful little island and I completely fell in love with it. The working environment is very relaxed and I didn’t feel the pressure of being or wearing this or that, expect for the dresses on Fridays, but thats okay.

Would you recommend other girls to dance in the same club?

Absolutely! From what i heard Mars, June and September are the best months.

Please rate the staff:

Very sweet, fun and welcoming 10/10

The Housing:

Very nice, just don’t forget to bring a pillow and bedsheets. (or you can buy that at K-mart when you arrive, like I did).

The money are you happy with the amount of money you made:

Like I said earlier, could have been better but I think I’m going to come between Mars – Juna next time.

Do you want to share your weekly average:

I made on an average 900 – 950$ per week, pay checks excluded. (they are 500$ every 6 shifts)

Share your best experience on your travel:

I went and took a scuba diver license when I was there It’s probably the cheapest place to do it in the world and you become a certified PADI diver. I saw turtles, starfishes, sea cucumbers and all sorts of beautiful sea creatures. Also take your swimsuit and visit marble cave when you are there, it’s amazing! And of course the beaches, they are so white and you will find hermit crabs everywhere. They are so cute.

Share your travel tip:

Its quite pricey to eat and drink out so i’d probably cook more at home to save money. And it’s hard to find vegetarian / vegan options in the menus

Review from @babydoll_demonface

Working in Guam June – August 2018


Guam is a beautiful place, amazing beaches and nice hot weather (Most of the time, it rains a lot sometimes) Most people are friendly and easy going… 

How was your overall experience of dancing in Guam?

Guam is a beautiful place, amazing beaches and nice hot weather (Most of the time, it rains a lot sometimes) Most people are friendly and easy going. 

 Would you recommend other girls to dance in the same club?

Yes, if you are looking for a nice place to stay during the winter, Guam is a good spot. 

Rate the staff:

It’s a different way of working here compared to other places I have been working at, here you have house moms working on the floor that will try to sell drinks for you. Staff here are also more business minded and straight to the point. 

The Housing:

Housing is very conveniently located close to everything. Neat and clean. The only thing that I would complain about the housing is that there are no safety lock for your valuables. 


Moneywise its been ok. It depends on what expectations you have. For me I did better than what I expected, I saw this more as a chance for me to travel to a nice hot and sunny place, the money was just a bonus. It also depends on how hard you work, you have to be on your feet if you want to earn good money. But thats like the same no matter where you go. Sometimes it can be very slow especially during the weekdays. But overall it has been ok. 

What’s your weekly average?

This can vary a lot, some days the club is empty so on a bad night 50 – 300 and on a good night 500 – 1000. This is not including the club salary.

What you best travel experience?

The best thing about Guam is definitely the beaches and the climate here. There are plenty of things to do here if you are into outdoor activities like hiking, this is a beautiful island.

Guam travel tips:

Dancer clothes / lingerie is hard to find here and if there is any its expensive. So I could have brought more with me. In general there is really no good shopping here, just overpriced stuff. 

September – October 2018 

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