Club Presentation

This club has the same owner and management as Munich 1. It’s also situated in the center of Munich, and around the corner from a luxury 5 star hotel. It’s one of the best known gentlemen’s club in Munich.

This club is looking for serious minded girls that want to make money. They hire both experienced dancers and baby strippers. They offer baby strippers a free of charge introduction course where they teach you how to hustle.

Payment conditions
This club has two payment system too choose from

System 1
120€ guaranteed salary, Sunday – Thursday
60€ guaranteed salary, Friday – Saturday
The guaranteed salary means that you start earning % on your dances after you sell 2 dances on weekends, and one dance on weekdays.
60€ private dance, from cash payment dancer ger 30€, from card payment dancer get 20€
20% from drinks paid by cash
15% from drinks paid by card
50% from tip dollars
Payment: Your earnings from Tip dollars, drinks and dances will be paid the same night. Your fix salary will be paid at the end of the week.

System 2
40€ fix salary Sunday – Wednesday
No fix, Thursday – Saturday
60€ private dance, from cash payment dancer ger 30€, from card payment dancer get 20€
32,5% from drinks paid by cash
22,5% from drinks paid by card
50% from tip dollars
Payment: The same night

German employment contract including:
Salary is net and all taxes paid by the club
German social insurance and health insurance. That means that you can go for free to the doctor and get medicine. Personal insurance, including retirement funds, Care insurance, Accident insurance, Unemployment insurance.

Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday 20:00 – 04.00
Friday – Saturday: 20:00 – 05:00
Sunday -Thursday: 6 – 8 dancers working
Friday – Saturday: 10 – 12 dancers working

Working nights per week: 5
Minimum booking: 2 weeks

Stage shows: Yes
Dress code: Stripper heels and lingerie.
Touch: Boobs and booty

Drinks are ranging from 60€ – 15000€<
There’s special buckets for throwing the Champagne out in VIP rooms.

The club has two large apartments, with double rooms and dorm rooms. One flat is situated 7-10 min from the club. The other one is about 30 – 40 min away with local transport.

Price per night: Free
Equipment: The flats are equipped with; kitchen, washer machine. Bring: towel, bed linen, pillow and blanket.

Girls pay for their own airfares.

If you want to work during the Oktoberfest time, Mid September – beginning of October. You need to have worked at the club before. So to be considered for Oktoberfest you have to make a 2 weeks booking beforehand.

Oktoberfest marketing: Every year the club makes promotions for the fest. The best marketing is of course the dancers who are going to work during this busy period. The photoshoot will take place in the club and you choose if you want to have your face in the photo.

During the Oktoberfest there’s no fix salary


In this agency all the communication is done via WhatsApp and Instagram. You can ask questions on WhatsApp but all stripper job applications must be sent via WhatsApp. If you don’t have the app, then you need to download it. The club hiring dancers are also using WhatsApp.

In your stripper application you need to send me following information in one message:




Your photos are the most important part of your application. The clubs are looking at your experience and language skills but they are mostly looking at you. So make sure your photos present the best you.

Your photos must represent your current look. Also your photos can not have any filters or be edited.

The best photos to send are in your stripper outfit, so the club can see how you look at work. You can also send photos in bikinis or lingerie. Professional photos are nice to add, but not necessary, as they often are edited you also need to send regular photos.

The club must be able to see all of your body both tummy and booty.

Send a few selfies, nice ones with good makeup, looking fresh and clean. Selfies where you are looking happy and smiling always do much better than grumpy photos. The strip club hiring is looking for adult entertainers, so try to choose photos that are showing the club the entertainer in you.

Photos taken when you are having fun, being on holiday often reflect that kind of vibe.

If you have pole dance videos or dance videos of yourself then add that to your application, clubs love to book good dancers for their strip club jobs.

All photos and videos should be sent straight via WhatsApp. No links or downloading should be added.

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